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Blinque's Butterfly Garden provides butterflies at all life stages, rearing supplies, and butterfly taxidermy pieces and supplies. 

Find our booths in Painted Tree Boutique's Cincinnati and Crestview Hills Locations!

Help us protect pollinators!
  • Plant native! Native plants are vital to insects in your area, plus they're going to thrive with less work than non native plants. No space is too small to create a pollinator sanctuary. Cincinnati area residents, check out our links section for local growers we recommend and frequent.

  • Make your yard a no spray zone! Basically all chemicals made to spray your yard for pests or weeds can harm pollinators. Please try alternative methods for pest control.

  • Support local farmers and bee keepers! You can support them by buying local produce and honey.

  • Provide nectar plants for pollinators! Part of the reason these species are in decline is a loss of habitat and viable food sources. Planting nectar plants will give migrating pollinators a snack to keep them going on their way and help feed local pollinators. Nectar plants include trees, too! Native maples, redbuds, and black cherry are your best options.

  • Leave dead stems from plants that die back until the following spring! Some insects nest in these stems, so removing them too early takes away a natural home for them through the winter. 

  • Use puddlers or bee baths! These are shallow bowls filled with a small amount of water and sometimes marbles or pebbles. The pebbles prevent insects from drowning while they stop for a drink. Yes, even insects need a drink of water sometimes.

  • Spread the word! Tell others what you've done to make a difference. 

Butterfly Releases

We can supply live butterflies for release. Let us help make your event unforgettable!

Blinque's Etsy Shop

You'll find butterfly art, jewelry, caterpillar cups, and custom 3D printed spreading boards all in our Etsy shop. 

Current Stock of Moths, Butterflies, and Caterpillars
Butterfly Release

Come see our butterflies in person! Offerings and details for each event can be found here.

Cincinnati Butterfly Breeder

Find relevant links here including our suppliers, companies we support, and reliable butterfly information sources. For locals, please visit other Cincinnati businesses that help support our small business! 

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