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Butterfly Window Art
Butterfly Lifecycle Kit
Butterfly Art Frame

Where's the garden?!?


Currently our butterfly garden is just our yard and spread throughout our first floor in our house, so we do not have a physical location open to the public at this time. The hope is one day to have a garden for people to visit, but that's just not possible for us yet. 

What do you do besides raise butterflies?


We raise butterflies and moths year round and provide live butterflies for release, but we also create and sell artwork from taxidermy specimens. This includes traditional framed pieces to butterfly wing earrings to one of a kind, 3D printed frames and resin enclosed pieces. The 3D printers also allow us to create custom spreading boards, tool holders, and rearing equipment. 

I bought a butterfly kit but my caterpillars are eating holes in the paper. Is this ok?


It's alright! While we'd prefer they just eat their food, sometimes caterpillars get confused and eat the filter paper. They'll still attach themselves to the lid and pupate without any filter paper, but it's much easier to transfer them to a pop up if they're on the paper. If you're really concerned, you can replace the paper with a clean coffee filter. 

My butterfly chrysalis fell off the paper. What do I do?


The butterfly can still come out just fine even if the chrysalis is laying on the bottom of the pop up. No need to worry or attempt to reattach the chrysalis to the paper.

Are you killing butterflies for your art pieces?


Absolutely not! I care for my butterflies from the time their an egg up to their last day. I will use the butterflies after they pass if possible. The only reason we will ever put down a butterfly or caterpillar would be if it was diseased to prevent spread to the other butterflies. 

How do you get your butterflies?


I get my stock from other well established and ethical breeders to start. Sometimes I will bring in a wild caught butterfly or moth in an attempt to diversify the genetics of my stock. The dried specimens are ethically sourced from a few trusted suppliers that work with butterfly farms around the world.

Can I buy a single, live butterfly from you?


I sell eggs, larva, and adults by the dozen. If you want to pay for a release order of a dozen live butterflies, you can decide what to do with them once they are in your possession. The only way I sell individual live butterflies is through chrysalis boxes that are only sold in person when available. 

Can you help me ID this caterpillar/butterfly? How do I care for it?


I love these questions! I might not know every single butterfly and caterpillar but I have numerous resources and can probably get an answer for you as well as care instructions. If you find yourself with a caterpillar or butterfly that you don't feel comfortable raising, please let me know and I will either rehome it for you or raise it myself.


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