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Blinque's will be donating a portion of our sales to Pollinator Partnership. They not only work to help butterflies, but all pollinators of many different species. We believe their work is vital to the future of these species and our own.
This site is ran by Bart Coppens, an amateur entomologist from the Netherlands. Bart has documented in great detail methods he uses to raise all sorts of moths and butterflies. There's a wealth of knowledge available in his site.

*photo credit to Bart Coppens
Growing Trade
Growing Trade has supplied us with host plants and provided a space for us in their Northside shop to set up our booth on weekends when we first started our business.
Steve at Keystone Flora is our main provider of caterpillar/butterfly safe native plants here in Cincinnati. 
Keystone Flora
Raising Butterflies
Raising Butterflies is an excellent resource for information about butterfly rearing. Check out their shop for tons of great enclosures. We order all of our pop ups and cages from Raising Butterflies.
Joyful Butterfly sells all caterpillar safe plants at great prices that ship in excellent condition. If we can't find a plant locally, we order from Joyful Butterfly and have been happy with every plant they've sent our way!
Joyful Butterfly
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