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Painted Lady Kit Instructions

Do you have one of our Painted Lady caterpillar cups but misplaced the instructions? Or are you considering buying a cup but want to know what to expect? Here's the same instructions we include with the kits.

Painted Lady Butterfly

Painted Lady Butterfly
Vanessa cadui


If your caterpillars were shipped to you, open the lid and check them when they first arrive. They may need time to acclimate after their travels, so do not be alarmed if they don’t move. Make sure you put the paper and lid back in place. 

You should not open the cup again until all caterpillars have formed their chrysalis.

Keep the cups indoors at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Your caterpillars have more than enough food, air, and space to make it through to pupation.

Once they have all pupated, wait 24 hrs then remove the lid and paper from the cup. Hang the paper in your pop up with a safety pin. It is recommended to pin them to the top so they hang as they did in their cup. Lightly mist the chrysalides daily so they won’t dry out.

When your butterflies emerge, their wings will be crumpled and wet. They need time to let their wings set. If you don’t have nectar to feed the butterflies, you should release them within a day or two when the outside temperatures are above 65 degrees and it is not raining. 

Your cup and lid are recyclable, but check with your local recycling service to confirm it can be accepted in your curbside pick up.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about raising your caterpillars. 

All butterflies and caterpillars are ethically sourced and well cared for.

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