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Danaus plexippus, or the Monarch butterfly, caterpillars are available for some Eastern US locations. These butterflies are OE free and bred in captivity, not wild caught.


Caterpillars will need common milkweed leaves and plenty of it for two to three weeks while they grow. Other milkweeds exist but this is what we are raising them on and they may not take to other milkweeds very well. Keep in mind that their food should be sanitized before feeding to continue to prevent OE. We are not responsible if your caterpillars are contaminated by unwashed food while in your care.


Each order is for a 5-7 4th-5th instar caterpillars that will be shipped in a container with enough food for their journey. If you have any questions while raising your monarchs, we're always happy to help but also recommend trying the website,

Monarch Caterpillars

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