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Hyalophora cecropia, or the Cecropia moth, eggs are available for Ohio residents only. Cecropias are the largest moths in U.S. and are one of the most colorful silkmoth caterpillars. They are very easy to raise.


Eggs will typically hatch within one to two weeks when available so eggs are available for a limited time only. Once the caterpillars hatch, they will need Black Cherry leaves and plenty of it for two months or so while they grow. Other host plants exist but this is their favorite. Keep in mind silkmoths like Cecropia only live for a week or two after they emerge from their cocoon and they will most likely overwinter to emerge next summer.


***This species should not be released into the wild***


Each order is for a dozen eggs that will be shipped in a small container the caterpillars can hatch out in. They will need to be transferred to a larger container with food after hatching. We do not recommend putting leaves in with the unhatched eggs. This could kill the eggs from the gas the plant material gives off. If you have any questions while raising your cecropia, please let us know!

Preorder Cecropia Moth Eggs - OHIO ONLY

Expected to ship in June
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